QATAR DREAMS : Mixed Medium World Cup Art Series Drop 1.

Although I never achieved my childhood dream of running down the wing at Anfield for my beloved Liverpool FC, football has never left my life as one of the biggest passions in my world.

With the eyes of the world turning to the hyper-futuristic Qatar skyline in just 30 days for World Cup 22, I wanted to make something that honored this event, the sport and the global energy that its magic brings.

I recently have been in a massive funk and needed to get back to my roots, or remember what my roots were, if you will. It's something I do whenever I get creative blockage. That brought me to a spray can and paints.

What happened was a mixed medium portrait series for World Cup 22 that you are now viewing. I used the games biggest stars in front of the national landmarks of the nations they play for using a mix of digital and physical mediums on the canvas. 

Kick off is only now a month away.  Here is the first drop.