Poison Ivy League : Semester II 2023 First Looks

In 2019, the multi-hyphenated polymath Jaylee Jordan and I wanted to craft a wearable narrative for the city we grew up in. It was never meant to be a "clothing line" but somewhat of a social commentary art installation that happened to be wearable. All pieces sold out in a matter of minutes. We still have alot more to create. There are more stories to tell. We've been working tirelessly on crafting the evolution of that narrative with new world class partners. 

Whatever you think we mean, we do. If you don't get it, it's not for you.

We will not be open selling this time, but rather curating and gifting select pieces, all limited in their runs and edition, and in the coming weeks will announce our new collaboration partners.

Every season is a "Semester" - here are the first looks of Semester II.



joeyax joey a.x poison ivy league fale new haven ct yale fashion joey a.x creative director

poison ivy league fale new haven ct yale fashion ivy league fashion joeyax joey a.x

yale fashion ivy league style fale joey a.x joeyax creative director