Land Rover USA Custom Luxury Defender 110 : Winter Lookbook

The dopest part of working with a world famous, award winning photographer like  Dutch Doscher is the shit you get to learn by just shutting up and watching.

To bring this vision to life for Land Rover USA's ultra-luxe customs design division Blackbridge on a freezing cold day in the northern CT mountains, Dutch & I wanted to not so much do the typical "car photography" bullshit and more so allude to escapism as a general concept. 

I spent a week just tearing through two things as inspo pulls.

80's Car & Driver magazines for JUST the ads, and early 90's luxury designer outdoor fashion niche shit. 

We decided to double down on the north star that "the only path worth taking was the one you forged yourself."

It wasn't about the trucks, it was about the possibility the trucks afforded you. It was about the gateway that the Defenders keys really allowed one to roar through.


Dutch, you're a fucking monster. I think I learned more this day just watching him use natural light than I had in any classroom ever. Dead ass. 


joey a.x creative director land rover joeyax

joey a.x creative director land rover joeyax

joey a.x Dutch Doscher land rover