Joey A.X x Spearmint Rhino 2023 Has Arrived.

Words: Marcus Gaetano

Artwork: Joey A.X


In early January of 2023, Joey A.X officially became the first ever Creative Director for gentlemen's club empire Spearmint Rhino

"With the foundations in place within the venue it’s time to showcase The Rhino brand to New York City." Said Spearmint Rhino's Marketing Director Michael McShane. "In collaboration with the world class creative director Joey A.X, infamous for bringing campaigns to life for such diverse brands as PUMA, DIAGEO, GUMBALL 3000 and LAND ROVER to name just a few- the marriage was ideal. Joey knows New York and his connections and collaborations as well as his keen eye for design will elevate the Rhino brand to new heights."

It's no small endeavor either. The Rhino brand is known around the world as the highest rung on the ladder in its industry, and now, under the creative vision of A.X seeks to shatter molds and paradigms of everything that came before it.

A.X has already implemented the slogan "Own The Night"- for which there will be a full lifestyle fashion range, a forthcoming podcast with A-List celebrity guests & hosts, and invite only speakeasy events that converge fashion, art & pop culture with wildly adventurous entertainment.

"I'm super excited to be here and have this opportunity." Said A.X from his new NYC studio, entitled Electric Halo. "For years the Rhino has been at the peak of its powers in the game. It's an empire. Drake is rapping about it. I just want to pour gas all over the fire that already exists."