Hot 97 Debut's "Keep It Movin'" With Exclusive Art Direction By Yours Truly.

NYC's legedary hiphop & r&B radio station Hot 97 debuted the collaborative banger from Jersey's stellar new class lead by Cruch Calhoun, Law & Ace Mula, executively produced by Rich Zeller.


Dropped by Hot 97's DJ Drewski on his hit mixshow The New MVMT to much fanfare last Friday night - the fresh cut featured artwork by yours truly and it's some of my favorite work I've ever done for its bucking of every trend and cliche and its heralding of mid-century abstract art.

I wasn't going for "single cover" - I've been really into minimalism, Arabic inspired typography in abstract places, and elements of Dada Art from posters of a bygonne era. This also continues my obsession with iconic vinyl album art.

No matter how many times the trustfund scene kids in burnt out Sambas who worship deadstock Leon Dore attempt to make vinyl not cool by playing it the fuck out, it still fucking is. Timeless is the word I was looking for here.

The car on fire is a not so subtle nod to all things Newark, the carjacking capital of America. 

I had to match the epicness they put on wax with the visuals. Ace Mula, the pioneer producer of the Jersey sound ("Jersey Club", "Jersey Drill" whatever you call it, it's as unique as the mad man in the lab behind it all.) slaps heads off with this production and Calhoun switches up his typical head rock flow for the Garden State bounce and destroys this shit, teeing up femcee and one of my favorite humans, LAW to craft and sing the instructionally direct hook thats a level 10 bop.

Blessings and shouts to all involved. 

Shout the biggest Hiphop station on earth for dropping this shit.

Oh yeah, and shout you for reading words in 2022.  


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Now bang that record.